Hi, it’s Lauren here. The Stauffer Home was created because I needed somewhere to share my recipes, musings, ramblings, good deals, and everything else. I am a twenty-four year old from Oklahoma. I don’t have an awesome story about how I learned to cook like Trisha Yearwood & Ree Drummond. I think it is just a product of my mother’s raising. In my mom’s house you didn’t eat out very often. She would have a meal going every evening. I always remember them being easy, fast, and delicious. I don’t remember cute little memories of Mom teaching me how to measure items out, how to do this or that in the kitchen — I just remember she would be busy doing something like laundry, ask me to go turn the oven on and I would do it. Slowly, this led to me knowing how to do everything from boiling water to scrubbing the bath tub. With that being said my goal with this blog is to share my knowledge. I don’t ever want to stray from my simple, easy, every night of the week recipes, chores, and lively hood. I want to put a little of it in all of your homes.

Where I’m from?
I was born and raised in small town Oklahoma — Preston. If you are from a big city, or just don’t know where the heck Preston, Oklahoma is let me paint you a pretty little picture. It is a town consisting of three north-south streets, and three east-west streets. You only have to know Pringley Ave, Polk St, and Pierce Ave. Preston gave me one of the best school experiences my parents could have dreamed of. I went to school on the same street in the same three buildings from Kindergarten – Senior, not including the cafeteria, library, and basketball gym. I remember when I started Kindergarten Mrs. Grey & Mr. Hudson told me I would be a State Champion someday and guess what?! My Sophomore year (2006) The Preston Lady Pirates won the OSSAA State Championship. I, along with 20 or so of my friends received huge Gold, manly state rings and wore them proudly for the next two and half years. IT WAS AN AMAZING FEELING! Now, a little piece of all of us hangs on a bright orange banner in a basketball gym in Preston, Oklahoma. Those days are long and gone…

This is small town Preston, Oklahoma where I was born and raised!

This is small town Preston, Oklahoma where I was born and raised!

From Preston, Oklahoma the spirit & love for the game led me to Seminole State College, Seminole Oklahoma. Yes, another small town in Oklahoma. I wish I could tell you that I went to this college, got a great degree, and won a championship…but that simply didn’t happen. What did happen is I learned a new part of who I was. I learned that while I was so grateful for the full ride scholarship I loved the game because of what it gave to me on the inside. I did not enjoy the game for the “pay” so to speak. I had been a success in high school because I played for my team, my town, and myself, not because someone was paying my way if I hit that next shot. I made some amazing friendships while at Seminole State. I think the seed for always living close to home was planted somewhere deep inside of my heart. So, in June of 2009 I moved to Catoosa, Oklahoma where over the course of SIX months my whole world would change, and I didn’t even know it.

This is Seminole, Oklahoma.

This is Seminole, Oklahoma.

Even Rachel had Ross, right?!

In July of 2009 I started working at Bass Pro Shops in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. I didn’t know it but on that day I would meet the love of my life, friends a plenty, and some of the highest ups and lowest downs. It wasn’t long before I had met this guy named J.D. he was the lead in the Hunting Department whom we all disliked, HEAVILY. Many a nights that man was the reason we didn’t get out until hours after closing because we were recovering and stocking his department. Okay, so looking back it really wasn’t that bad I had started working during the busiest season for the hunting department. However, while we are being honest — I along with everyone never thought I would fall in love with him. It had to have been in God’s hands because in November of that year we made it official, I was his girlfriend, and he my boyfriend. Over the course of the next two years we would move in together at the Wagoner house. Yep, you got it another small town in Oklahoma. In April 2010 he left Bass Pro to finish his college degree and I stayed at Bass Pro for another three years.
Oh the things this place added to my life!

Oh the things this place added to my life!

Wedding Bells??

I wish but no, the bass pro love story isn’t ending in wedding bells, yet! It took lots of hard work and heartache but on December 17th, 2011 I had the privilege of watching the love of my life walk across the NSU stage. He graduated with a bachelor’s in science….and that is about it. We were lucky we didn’t have college loans to pay off, but we also didn’t have a career. We were worried sick but determined to enjoy the Holiday season. While J.D. applied for every job he qualified for including the minuscule paid internships…NOTHING! I remember the day (not the date) like it was yesterday. I had been doing a ton of Scentsy events & parties and that day was a busy one. When J.D. called I screamed and everyone at the party looked at me like I was dying. No, nobody was dying but we had got THE call. The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife wanted to interview him. I honestly had no idea all the power that phone call carried with it. In less than THIRTY days of that phone call he had accepted a job as an Oklahoma Game Warden, and was headed to C.L.E.E.T. Mind you, I don’t think J.D. and I had spent more than a 12 hour shift at work apart in the last three or so years. A few weeks into his time at C.L.E.E.T. he called me to tell me which county we were being transferred to….my heart stopped.



Once that call came in I started packing and looking for a new home in a new county…6.5 hours from home. There was nothing to be found, but J.D. soon found us a home to rent. In August 2012 we made the move to yet another small town in Oklahoma. I cried the first time we rolled thru the town, and we were still 25 miles from where our home was. It was a BIG change. We spent just shy of two years in Harmon County. We made amazing friendships, got married, and decided to move HOME. I was thrilled to be moving home, but as we drove thru Hollis that last time, tears came down again. I was leaving friends that had become family and memories.

Hollis, America...population 2000.

Hollis, America…population 2000.

In March 2014 we transferred to Haskell County, Oklahoma. I love it because I am only an hour from Mom’s house, and my hometown. We celebrated our first anniversary on a family cruise, then came home to unpack the multitudes of boxes in our new home, and Easter we were blessed by God to announce….

I am off to the kitchen,


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