Let’s get something out in the open right now. I love being in the kitchen. I LOVE being in my kitchen, but thoroughly enjoy being in any kitchen. I have been cooking, baking, and sitting on kitchen counter tops since I was about two. Nothing has changed in twenty-three years. I still love cooking, baking, sitting on my kitchen counters, and must be barefoot while doing it. Now, I do NOT like anyone else barefoot in my kitchen or any other kitchen. That’s just gross! (Yes I know that is a double standard!)

I grew up in Oklahoma so if that didn’t tell you anything it should have told you I like my butter, I like my meat, and I love my Carbs! I have been collecting recipes from my grandmothers, aunts, great-grandmothers, magazines, cookbooks, blogs, and any other form you can think of for about 15 years or so. I try to reference where I found each recipe at but sometimes that just isn’t easy to do. Especially if it is a recipe I know by heart because I have cooked it so many times. I am the furthest thing from Ree Drummond & Trisha Yearwood those ladies are on a whole different level. I only mention that because I said that whole piece about being in Oklahoma…I didn’t want you to fall in love with me because you love those women and they are from Oklahoma too. That isn’t to say that I don’t agree with almost everything that they do, and cook in similar kitchens, with similar appliances, and where cowboy boots because I probably do. I just don’t think I am the same caliber as them, and let’s face it that is okay they both have years on me.

I tend to blog my recipes as I cook them or prepare them at my own house. I do have some series coming up on the blog of crock-pot friendly meals, freezer friendly meals, Holiday dishes, and such. I have also been asked to come up with some picky kid, kid friendly recipes. I am working on it, but I don’t have a kid in the house let alone a picky kid so it takes longer to bring those recipes to you. I am a fitness fanatic but you wouldn’t know that from my recipes that are loaded with butter and creams. You would know it by the fitness section of my blog or from the slushies, smoothies, and shakes that I share on my blog.

I look forward to teaching you everything I know about the kitchen, and sharing some of my favorite delights.


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