Day One | My Journey | #laurengetsfit

I used to be a stick. I weighed 124 dripping weight and not a single lb more.  Then I found my husband and it went downhill. Not because I didn’t care but because I didn’t have to. I didn’t have to worry about being perfect, being loved, or how I looked. I enjoy being loved, but I need to love. Loving myself means being fit. I don’t mean skinny. I mean exactly what I said….FIT. 

I am doing a very simple challenge. For 110 days I am doing an easy and simple challenge, taking my vitamins, drinking more water, and doing my hair everyday. I know that you are wondering what doing my hair has to do with being fit right? Well I am doing that to keep my best foot forward. We always feel better, as women, when our hair is all done up. 

I would love to have you join me on this challenge. I chose 110 days but you can do however many you prefer. 

50 jumping Jacks

40 sit ups 

30 leg lifts 

30 squats 

40 jumping jacks 

30 sit ups 

20 leg lifts

20 squats 

10 minute run, or walk in place 

On you first day take a picture. Even if nobody ever sees it, take the picture. Then write down these measurements. 

Your weight








Mark in your calendar 4 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks and re measure on those days. You will be glad. Four weeks is when your significant other will start to notice, then at 8 weeks the people you see on a weekly basis will notice, and twelve weeks till the world will see your change. I look forward to showing you more. 


March Workout Plan – #staufferfitness #gettingfit

As you know I have started a new Fitness section on the blog. It’s not about hitting the gym every day for four hours. It is however about getting off your couch, seat, butt for a good high intensity workout of some kind every single day. This month we are doing two different workouts daily. Everyday you will do squats and leg lifts. It’s okay if you are just starting out we have a plan for you too.

The first thing you need to do is weigh in and write it down somewhere. I love to have you comment here telling me your current weigh in and your goal. I want to motivate and encourage you to go far and hit your goals. Then you should measure the areas that you want to focus on. This month since we are doing squats and leg lifts I suggest measuring your booty, thighs, calfs, and core. You arms won’t see much change this month but trust me they will next month.

So every day I will be posting your workout on my facebook, twitter, and instagram pages by 6am. I will post them again at 11am, 5pm, and a last minute reminder at 9pm. I would love to see your pre-workout and post-workout photos with the #staufferfitness because of course it wasn’t worth it unless you post about it …right? That is how we justify the cute workout clothes, shoes, and headbands…duh! All joking aside let’s get to business.

Beginners – you are just starting out so I am taking it light on you guys. We all started at the beginning at some point. If after the first day you think this is just too much message me and I will create a plan just for you, absolutely free. If you  think you can handle more after the first day I hope that you will stick to the beginners track until next month. Just so you know that you can make it through the end of the month. What’s easy now won’t be easy at the end of the month.

3-1-2015 25 Squats
3-2-2015 30 Squats
3-3-2015 35 Squats
3-4-2015 40 Squats (It’s Wednesday and time for #wednesdayweighin )
3-5-2015 45 Squats
3-6-2015 50 Squats
3-7-2015 55 Squats
3-8-2015 60 Squats
3-9-2015 65 Squats
3-10-2015 70 Squats
3-11-2015 75 Squats (It’s Wednesday and time for #wednesdayweighin)
3-12-2015 80 Squats
3-13-2015 85 Squats
3-14-2015 90 Squats
3-15-2015 95 Squats
3-16-2015 100 Squats
3-17-2015 105 Squats
3-18-2015 110 Squats (It’s Wednesday and time for #wednesdayweighin)
3-19-2015 115 Squats
3-20-2015 120 Squats
3-21-2015 125 Squats
3-22-2015 130 Squats
3-23-2015 135 Squats
3-24-2015 140 Squats
3-25-2015 150 Squats (It’s Wednesday and time for #wednesdayweighin)
3-26-2015 160 Squats
3-27-2015 170 Squats
3-28-2015 180 Squats
3-29-2015 190 Squats
3-30-2015 200 Squats
3-31-2015 220 Squats

Okay experienced folks! experienced means that you have previously worked out on a daily schedule. If you can run 100 yards without being out of breath this is probably you! Don’t forget to take a before picture, measure your booty, thighs, and calves. #staufferfitness if posting on social media. (instagram 🙂 Also don’t forget to weigh in on the first day and again every Wednesday.

3-1-2015 50 Squats
3-2-2015 60 Squats
3-3-2015 70 Squats
3-4-2015 80 Squats (It’s Wednesday and time for #wednesdayweighin )
3-5-2015 90 Squats
3-6-2015 100 Squats
3-7-2015 110 Squats
3-8-2015 120 Squats
3-9-2015 130 Squats
3-10-2015 140 Squats
3-11-2015 150 Squats (It’s Wednesday and time for #wednesdayweighin)
3-12-2015 160 Squats
3-13-2015 170 Squats
3-14-2015 180 Squats
3-15-2015 190 Squats
3-16-2015 200 Squats
3-17-2015 210 Squats
3-18-2015 220 Squats (It’s Wednesday and time for #wednesdayweighin)
3-19-2015 230 Squats
3-20-2015 240 Squats
3-21-2015 250 Squats
3-22-2015 260 Squats
3-23-2015 270 Squats
3-24-2015 280 Squats
3-25-2015 300 Squats (It’s Wednesday and time for #wednesdayweighin)
3-26-2015 320 Squats
3-27-2015 340 Squats
3-28-2015 360 Squats
3-29-2015 380 Squats
3-30-2015 400 Squats
3-31-2015 440 Squats

Now, they say that you should get up and be active once every waking hour. This month we are doing a 10 on :10 challenge. You will need to set an alarm on your phone for this one. I suggest doing a vibrate only alarm that way if you are in a meeting, busy, at church, etc you won’t have a loud obnoxious or embarrassing ringtone going off at the most in opportune time. You will set an alarm for the :10 after wakeup to the :10 before bedtime. So my alarms would look something like this:
Most nights I am up past 10pm but some mornings I am not up by 6. Especially if the baby is nice and lets me sleep in. : )
You don’t have to hit every single one of the :10 but hit as many of them as you can. Yes I will do them in public, no  I won’t stand up in the middle of Pastor’s sermon.

Leg lifts is this months 10 on :10 challenge. Here are some GREAT video examples! Hopefully, in the next few months it will be my videos that you are seeing on the blog! (vlog?!)

Also a good idea if you don’t have time to do all of the squats at the same time break them in to 10, 15, 25 intervals and do them at the :10 too! That way you are technically working out all day long. It takes at the most 5 minutes of each hour. At the most that means throughout the day you put in 2 hours of workouts. Do you know how many calories that burned? If you are a foodie like me … do you know how many (insert favorite bad food here) you can have? A lot of the time my workouts burn enough calories that I am burning off 1-2 meals per day.

How to do a squat correctly! : )

How to do a leg lift correctly – do 5 each leg for the 10 on :10 challenge! : )