It’s going to be a great weekend! You can win prizes just for #laurentravels

It’s been a weekend I have been looking forward to and dreading all at the same time. My husband is taking me to Branson for our Anniversary. We have traveled a LOT between the two of us but we have never been anywhere just the two of us. I dread it because I am leaving my baby over night for the first time. This little handsome guy is 4 Months old on the 7th!
Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 5.53.21 PM

I am going to go. I am going to go and enjoy myself and trust that my baby is in GREAT hands and that God will be watching over all of us. While I am gone I have some awesome things for you to check out. Some giveaways, employment opportunities for stay at home moms, some reviews, some coupons, some twitter parties, and a new monthly chance at $50 or more in gift cards! I hope that you will check them all out.

You can enter to win your very own #velatawarmer

You can enter to win your very own #velatawarmer



I think you guys will enjoy trying to win all of these items. Let me know if there is a specific item that you are wanting to see a review on. I have several coming this month. Oh, and lots of twitter parties to come.


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