Love Dove Trading Scrapbook Package Review

Who doesn’t love crafting? Scrapbooking? and History? I do. So, when I got this amazing package from Love Dove Trading I was thrilled, flabergasted, and simply blow away by it’s quality. For once quality and quantity came in the same package. An awesome collaboration! It had awesome pictures that you would find at my grandparents home, recipes, magazines clippings, etc. And for the price??? It’s a steal. Here is everything that she includes in a package.

Each kit includes: (at least and not limited to)
14 vintage music book covers
1 scrap from an 1920’s newspaper. Approximately 8×10″
2 pages 1920’s large dictionary
2 pages American Childhood Magazine. 1920’s
3 pages 1920s Art Magazine
3 pages from a baseball magazine printed in Japanese. Printed in the last 5 yrs.
5 pages from a 1970s’ gardening book. Full sized/ full page glossy photos or illustrations
5 pages large format religious book 1950s
5 pages The Hobbit. 1970s illustrated version. Each page has illustrations. Pages approx 7×10″
5 pgs 1970s children’s bedtime story book.
10 pages 1950s medical dictionary
3 pages 1930s World History Book
3 pages 1950s Children’s Dictionary
4 vintage map pieces
1 page featuring a picture of a face!
6 cut outs of geographical info from atlases
4 beautiful lithographs dating from the 1900s- 1915.
2 oversized illustrations from a 1946 Popular Science Animal Book.
1 full sized Mother Goose Illustration
6 large scraps of vintage wallpaper
30 various game cards or pieces
2 pages early 1900s satire poetry book
1 vintage fabric sample card
3 vintage hand written notes/ letters or pages written with a old fashioned typewriter
2 pieces vintage pattern tissue
1 vintage pattern instruction booklet/ sheet
vintage raffle tickets
15 paper sample cards in a variety of colors or textures in varying sizes
2 textured pieces of 1970s crazy red and gold wallpaper
9 postcards- mostly vintage and foreign
5 greeting cards- most are unused and many are vintage
4 vintage envelopes
10 or more antique ads from newspapers or magazines dating from 1900- 1930s.
10 vintage family/ travel photos from the 1960s- 1970s
10 more current family/ snapshot photos on glossy paper.

Love Dove Trading

You can purchase one of your very own here. My husband happened to be home when this product arrived and decided he enjoyed looking through all the different things we found. It was amazing that all of the beauts came in one package. I am looking forward to making more than just the one card I made. The owner of this business is an absolute doll to work with. She was very understanding when sickness landed us in the hospital with our three month old son. She told me when she mailed it and continued to follow up with me until it was in my hands. I hope that you will take note of that fine customer service and will work with her in the near future.

I plan to use these to show you a new DIY craft for my Mommy’s Monday. Every Monday I take one hour to craft and spend that time for me. This series will start in March 2015 and I hope you will come back and if you are interested in this weeks craft @ Mommy’s Monday.

Join us at 1pm on 3/6/2015 for a twitter party! The most active tweeter will win a gift pack of their own.

Love Dove Trading Twitter Party RSVP


2 thoughts on “Love Dove Trading Scrapbook Package Review

  1. Tamara says:

    Thank you for sharing about this scrapbook supply kit available on Etsy! What a great idea and useful for so many other crafts besides scrap booking!! Will check back to see your blog regarding the cards you made with this ephemera. Tamara


  2. Cathy Crawford says:

    what an amazing kit. Great value. I know the seller as well. She is an amazing seller and is wonderful with customer support.


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