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Hey guys,

How many of you are like me? You rarely get a five minute hot shower let alone the privilege of a bath and sit down shave! You get a good five minutes in the shower and you get ten or less swipes of the razor down each leg. Well, when you are in this routine (predicament?!) you love yourself a good, and I mean good, body butter to slather on as you rush to get dressed. Okay, so if that doesn’t pertain to you , just know that is my life and feel free to pray for me, and that I get ten minutes at my next shower and shave instead of five.


This body butter is absolutely amazing. The quality is phenomenal, it doesn’t have that nasty half oil half coagulated feel(look) to it. The price is significantly cheaper than your local grocer, mall, etc. Also the volume that you get is way more than what you pay for. The scents is awesome, not too soft but most definitely NOT too strong.

I hands down loved this product, the shop, and shop owner.

Make sure you are present for our #twitterparty on 3/1/2015 at 7pm CST
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Lots Of Bubbles Twitter Party Giveaway


27 thoughts on “Lots Of Bubbles | #review | #twitterparty | #thestaufferhome

  1. rebretta says:

    The scent names don’t tell me anything about what they would smell like, so I would play it safe with oatmeal and honey. I honestly wouldn’t buy something that does not describe the scents, because I am very sensitive to many smells.


  2. @stephan94848598 says:

    So excited for the party tonight! Would love to win as an early birthday treat πŸ™‚ Would love a vanilla or cake smelling product!


  3. Sammantha D. says:

    Yeah, nailed the story of my life right there. lol It’s a great day when I can actually hit the three minute mark in the shower without being interrupted to boot. πŸ˜‰ I love me some peppermint in the shower if it’s in the am hours, for late night showers I enjoy a nice lavender scent to help me relax (ha!) before bed.


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