Why is it considered rude these days???

This morning we are heading to my great grandfathers 90th birthday party. That’s great! Fun! Exciting! Then it hits me hard, the same worries that kept me up most of the night. Am I going to cause a family feud for asking two simple questions?

Have you been sick or around someone who is sick? Have you washed your hands?

Those two questions stand between my baby and another visit to the hospital. They are his only defense against this world and its germs. No, this is not a vaccinate or don’t vaccinate article. When did it become rude of me to ask questions to protect my baby? Better yet, when did it become acceptable to touch someone’s baby without permission? Without first washing your hands?

Yes, I know my precious new baby is adorable, handsome, and we all want to eat him up…but your germs are no joke to his immune system. Your little sniff right before you take my baby from my hands stops my heart. That sniff can be the day 1 of many nasty ailments that just by touching my boy will transmit and take over our entire household within a week. Don’t believe me?
Christmas Eve someone decided to come to our family Christmas and while we were thrilled to see all our family the results were not worth it. By Christmas Day three people had caught the ailments that person brought with them. Two days later it invaded my home, separating my baby and I for four days. I wake up from the death like stage I had been in for four days and Lysol my house from top to bottom. No there is no way I touched that ceiling but by heavens it is getting a dose of Clorox. Ten hours later my husband is in the master dungeon with the same ailments. As we all know men get it worse than women and he is down for the count…7 days!! Once again I buy stock in Lysol and Clorox and go to town cleaning my house. Two days later my baby of just 2 months gets the same ailments that my husband and I had. It lasts 5 days! Yet again I wipe down my entire house scrubbing the germs away. It’s gone! The sickness has hit all of us we must be fine now. No, less than 7 days later on our way to see Garth Brooks in concert my husband gets sick. So sick I think we need to leave the concert and find the nearest emergency room. He continues to get worse, this all happening in the time span of three hours. Two days later we’re in the emergency room testing positive for the “bad” string of flu. I am forced to let my 2.5 month son go stay with someone else just to keep him from being infected. Now, tamiflu for ten days at $55.00 for me and $95 for my husband we are hopefully rid of all these germs. Then less than a week later while singing praise and worship my son projectile vomits all over me and my heart stops. No, not him too. Twenty-four hours later we are in the emergency room. Let me tell you “we can’t help you we are transferring you to Children’s hospital in Tulsa…” Coming from the nurses mouth can scare you, a lot. Here we are FORTY-SEVEN DAYS since Christmas Eve and were sickness free.

Yes, I will be the mom that asks you if you have been sick or around someone with “just the sniffles” and if you’ve washed your hands. Don’t be offended if I say you can’t hold him, you of all people should understand. You are a mother! Even if you don’t agree with my “my germ phobia” . You of all people should still respect my decision because you are a mother and there are things I respect you for. I may not agree with your decision to vaccinate or not vaccinate but as a mother I will respect your decision because it’s just that … Your decision.

So please don’t get offended if I say I’d rather you didn’t hold my baby. I’m just doing the best I can to be at this event and keep my baby clean and free of any hospital stay that your sniffles may cause.

I’m really not being rude.




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