Small Business Reviews & Giveaways | The Stauffer Home

Hello, It’s the beginning of a new year and I want to feature as many small business reviews and giveaways as I can. I plan on still doing the big name companies throughout the year as always but I want to devote some of my time to those who run their own business.

What it takes?

1. You send me an item to review. This item should be something that shows how great your work is and something that you sell often. If you do custom work let me know and I will try to help make it custom to me.

2. You choose whether you will be giving an item away or gift cards away. If you choose to do an item you will keep that item set aside and mail it once I contact you with a winner. If you choose to do gift cards I need to know how many and of what quantity. If you do multiples then we will have a twitter party which will gain even more exposure.


What do you get?

1. You get featured on my blog in a review. My review will talk about the quality of the item, the customer service, the price range, and more.

2. At least one professional image of your item. If it is something that I think needs multiple photos taken I will take them. These images will emailed to you as well. I ask that you reference Lauren Stauffer Photography when they are used on your Etsy, Facebook, or Website.

3. It will be featured on multiple blogs as well as my own.

4. The giveaway is where you get the exposure. In order to be entered for the giveaway they must follow us on facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, tweet about the giveaway, comment on the blog post, favorite your shop on etsy if they have an etsy account, etc.

5. If you chose gift cards then we will have a twitter party and this will get you amazing exposure.


If you want to be reviewed fill out the form and I will contact you to choose when to do your review and mailing address.


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