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Love your state? Have another logo, or picture you want drawn, cut, and sewn onto a knitted scarf? Be unique, Give a great gift, Take your state home with you. Show your state some love! THERE IS NOTHING LIKE THIS (don’t copy me, please)!

Be awesome and a trend setter!

Custom hand made knitted scarf with flannel logo sewn onto the scarf. I first knit your scarf long enough for two comfortable wraps. Next, I create a drawn stencil and cut your state out of flannel later sewn on the scarf.

Scarves are black unless otherwise discussed. Flannel can vary in color slightly but will always be a traditional-type red plaid.

Allow 1-2 weeks turnaround time BEFORE shipping. These aren’t mass produced. I make each element of the scarf myself. Knit, stencil, sew. All done by me in New Hampshire.

When checking out, be sure to specify your state or custom design. “I” and the heart are not part of the scarf!


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