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It’s my favorite time of year! I get really really excited when October 1st arrives each year, I bring out the multiple totes of decorations for indoors and out. It starts then and ends around Valentine’s day. I love the Holidays and the festivites…including my December birthday! This year I  had been excited about Christmas cards for nine months!! Yes, you guessed it! First Christmas cards that would include our newborn son. I love sending Christmas cards out and receiving them. I am so glad that I am surrounded by family and friends who still send out a Christmas letter or a Christmas Card each year. Who doesn’t like seeing something other than bills in the mailbox?! (Yes, I love snail mail!!)

So, I set out to find my favorite card and I have narrowed it to TWO, yes just TWO. I decided first that I needed to narrow it down by which company I would have printing them this year. I chose Minted! They had so many options to choose from that weren’t drab. Here are a few that I just fell in love with, and secretly hope that people order them and send them to me this season. You can find all of their Christmas Cards at!













I also found you this awesome coupon code for 15% off and Recipient Addressing! When you check out please enter code: PRTSDEC

I hope that you will mail me a Christmas card this season. You can email me to find out how to send me a Christmas Card. Also, if you are sending out traditional cards please consider sending one to a Veteran or recovering soldier,  more information here!

Now, help me pick which Christmas card I should choose. Whichever one I choose will be tweaked a little more for perfection and given a cute inscription and family picture (I haven’t had done yet – ah! I need a local photographer that isn’t myself… if you know one in the Stigler, Oklahoma area!) Tell me in the comments which one you choose!

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 3.55.22 PM

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 4.08.03 PM


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