8 Sandpiper Way | A Cedar Cove Series | Debbie Macomber

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If you found a women’s earring in your husbands pocket would you assume he was having an affair? What would you do? How would you confront him? Would you confront him? In this book you will find out just how the Preacher’s wife Emily handles it and if he is having an affair or not! I love how over the course of the last 2-4 books Debbie Macomber added a little mystery to her family romance novels.

Olivia Lockhart-Griffin

Cedar Cove, Washington

Dear Reader,

I’m pretty shocked by something I’ve just heard. Emily Flemming is afraid that her husband, Dave, might be having an affair. She apparently found an earring in his pocket—and it wasn’t hers. And she says he’s been coming home late and acting secretive. Not only that, some jewelry was recently stolen from an old woman, and Dave (in his capacity as pastor) used to visit her a lot….

This is all so hard to believe! Dave’s a good pastor and a good man. He and Emily appear to have the perfect life, with their children, Matthew and Mark, and their lovely home at 8 Sandpiper Way. But I guess things aren’t always as they seem. Reader, I’d love to hear what you think, and so does Emily.

I have some personal news, too—it’s turning out to be a challenging year. But there are also some interesting updates about our friends in Cedar Cove. Like Sheriff Troy Davis, to mention one. Guess what? His long-ago love, Faith Beckwith, has just moved back here!

Hope you’ll join Emily and me for a cup of tea soon.


8 Sandpiper Way (Cedar Cove)


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