Target $10.00 GIFT CARD | Giveaway

I started my blog because I couldn’t always put my thoughts into 150 characters or less. I really didn’t expect anyone to actually read my posts but people are and it makes me so happy. I have decided that since so many have been following and supporting me that I would host my first giveaway of the season. I have several blog post series coming up and I hope that you will check each of them out.

Over the course of the next three months a lot of things will be going on in the lives at The Stauffer Home. We have several blog series coming your way, several giveaways, a new baby coming, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and my twenty-fifth birthday. It’s going to be a busy fall and I LOVE IT!

Series & Blog Posts Coming up:
I’m Pregnant, Now what?

Military Discounts, Where I can get them?
Military Discounts, Where I can’t get them!

Senior Citizens Discounts, Who offers them?
Senior Citizens Discounts, who doesn’t offer them?

Law Enforcement & Emergency Management Discounts, they offer those? Yep!

All things Wedding, What type is best for me?

Marriage or Wedding?

The Things they don’t tell you in pregnancy pamphlets

Ultimate First Time Mom Registry
Reviews & Giveaways Attached

The honest truth about bringing baby home


I am planning on six giveaways between October 1st & Dec 31st. If you are a small business owner, direct sells consultant, or such please read this article about how to join the giveaways.

Enter to win the $10.00 Target Gift Card now!
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