Weekly Photographer Competition

Weekly Photographer Competition


If you are photographer you love exposure. You love having your photo be the best. Well as a photographer (took maternity leave March 14’ and don’t know if I will be returning after baby) I want to promote you on my blog. Here is how this will work:

Each week you will send me a family friendly photo. SUBJECT: Weekly Photographer Competition to thestaufferhome@gmail.com
I need the image before 11:00pm CST on Wednesday of each week.

You must let me know which option you want:

Facebook: The image(s) of those who select facebook will be put into an album on my facebook page. The photographer will have people like. comment, share, etc. their image. Winner will be the one who has the most interaction on it.

Blog Post: The image(s) of those who select blog post will be put into one single blog post.
The photographer will be given a “short link” and will share that link with people. Those people will come and comment on the blog post. They will either comment the number of your photo or the photographers name. The person who has the most comments will get the win.

What does the winner get?

The winner will get a picture to post on their page, website, wherever they will like that says I won The Stauffer Home’s Photographer Competition Week ____.

The Facebook winner also gets to be featured as my cover photo for a week. It will have a collage of your images, your information, and of course your link.

The Blog Post winner will get a feature article written about them, and will have their facebook and twitter links included in all giveaway posts that are personally ran by The Stauffer Home.

The last week of the year all winner will be put in an album and we will have a GRAND champion week.

Things you should know:

If your image is not what I consider family friendly I will NOT post it. I will email you and let you know and you will have the option to change the image or sit out for that week’s competition.

If you win multiple weeks you get multiple images in the Grand Champion week.
I am working on having a huge gift for the winner. I am working with photographer companies and prop designers to have a great gift for the Grand champion. My goal is to have a background, camera accessory, and $250 of props to give to the winner, I hope that happens.

If you cause drama you will not be allowed to be a part of the competition.
Absolutely NO profanity is allowed during the interactions on my facebook page or blog post.

I suggest having people hashtag your business name when they are interacting on your page. It will help you on your social media sites and rankings.

There will be vast ranges of talent in the competition. I will not allow you to put people down. Everyone starts somewhere. However, my selection process will be watching for professional images. No cell phone images, no pixelated images, and poor quality in general. I want this to be a safe place for all photographers. If you critique it better be along the lines of how great the images is, how much you love the image, etc.

If you have any questions you can ask them when you email me you image for Week 1 of the competition starting 9/17/14 or your first week of competing.


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