COMING SOON – Posts in the works

I am working on getting so much done before the baby gets here. I am currently working on a long list of posts, giveaways, and reviews. If you are a fellow blogger and would like to be on my all list for the giveaways I have coming please fill it out here. If you are small business owner, boutique owner, or in direct sells and would like to be included in my “Shop Small Christmas post & giveaway” please fill out this form.

If you think you have input on any of the upcoming posts please email me at

“The Ultimate First Time Mom Registry”
“How to decide whether a big wedding is for you”
“Things they don’t tell you in the pregnancy pamphlets”
“Grandparents to be? Things not to say!”
“Two Pregnant Women? Be Very C-A-R-E-F-U-L!”
“Direct Sells: Are they for you series”
“The Sound of A Bullet Proof Vest”
“Sheltered 90’s Kid”
“Ultimate Substitution List for the Kitchen”
“Military Discount, Where can I use it?”
“Senior Citizen now, bring on the discounts”
“Birthday Month Freebies, I promise you will love these gifts!”
“Crocheted Snowman for Newborn Review”
“Crocheted Camo outfit for Newborn Review”
“Direct Sells Amazing Giveaway – October”
“Direct Sells Amazing Giveaway – November”
“Direct Sells Amazing Giveaway – December”


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